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  • Your Learning Guaranteed

    At The Law Jurist, we are very confident that you will achieve the grade that you aspire in the law subject(s) you choose. Not only do we produce bespoke model answers for your academic reference, we also offer you personalised online law tutorials to help you understand the model answer.

  • Unique Teaching Model

    Our confidence lies in our unique business model. At The Law Jurist, we are dedicated to equipping you with the skills and teaching you to achieve the grades. This is why we do not simply provide with a model answer based on your order, but also provide online law tutorial to assist you in the learning process.The online law tutorial will also include helping you understand the points made in the model answer, how to develop your own views about these points, how to find the relevant articles/books/statutes/case law and how to apply them in the answer.

  • Online Law Tuition

    The best part about this service: Its Completely Free! At The Law Jurist, we are committed to helping you learn – so unlike other academic companies, we offer this as a complimentary service when you place an order with us for a model answer.We understand that you may also be a law student that is not seeking model answers but rather just the online tutoring service for exam preparation or topic comprehension. For these students, we are pleased to provide exclusive tutorial services for a very affordable price!

  • Our Key Asset

    The key asset of our service is undoubtedly our world-class Jurists! We understand that the key to learning is not just the quality of the institution, but rather the quality of the instructor. We hire only the finest legal brains from distinguished Law Schools across the UK, so as to make sure that you get the best academic legal assistance that you deserve.

  • Stellar Customer Support

    We understand at The Law Jurist that every part of the process is crucial to ensure your seamless learning. Our stellar support team will be with you throughout, from the time you place the order till you have gained the knowledge you came seeking. They will assist you with all your needs to ensure that you can make the most of your investment and become a robust learner.

About Us


Luris scientiadivitiis sit. Legal Knowledge is Wealth.


This is the motto of our company.


The Law Jurist has been founded on the cardinal principle that every law student deserves the guidance they truly deserve. The legal knowledge they attain will not only enrich their personal careers, but will also have a positive impact on the society. This is why legal knowledge is wealth – it generates wealth for the law student and is an asset to the society as well.

How it Works


State Requirements

Tell us your requirement and provide us with the details. We are able to help with all Law subjects taught in Universities, regardless of how specialised.


Make Payment

Complete the payment process for your order by using one of the multiple payment option available at the payment gateway.


Assignment of Jurist

We will then immediately assign a highly qualified Jurist to your order, who will start work on the model answer.


Completion of the Work

You will receive the completed product as per the delivery date chosen by you. You can take your time to read through the answer and understand it.


Online Law Tutoring

After that, you will be scheduled for a free online law class with the Jurist who worked on your order. The Jurist will provide you with assistance on your order.


Achieve your Grades

With this, you will be able to complete your own answer to the question and confidently achieve the grade you want!


Essay Writing

Essays are the quintessential parts of most of the assignments and assessments at University. Essays are your chance to show your professor and faculty your knowledge about the subject. Make the most out of your essay!


Dissertation Proposal

Sometimes, what you require is help with the dissertation proposal. Preparing for your dissertation itself is considered to be a project on its own. Most students struggle at this stage, for they are lost as to which direction to take on the topic. This service will help you outline the pl...


Assignment Writing

At University, the legal discipline will require to complete umpteen assignments for multiple modules, sometimes all at the same time. Every single assignment will be noted by your Professor, so we understand it is important for you to be able to impress them. Assignments also help track y...


Dissertation Topic

This is the very first stage of completing a dissertation for the law school. The student needs to be clear on the topic he or she will be researching on. It is therefore important that the student is able to identify a relevant and interesting topic that will spur the student on to comple...


Skeleton Answer Writing

Sometimes, law students simply need some guidance to get started on their dissertation/essay/assignment. They are unaware of where to start or which are the general discussion points to include. The Skeleton Writing Service is perfect for these students!


Online Law Tutoring

Perhaps you do not require an essay or other writing services, but wish to be coached in particular subjects of law. Or perhaps you wish to gain more critical knowledge about a particular topic in the subject. Maybe you require further assistance in preparing for your exams or class tests ...


Dissertation Writing

All law students would agree the hardest part and the most important part of being a law student is in completing the dissertation, which is usually required in order to complete the degree itself! Our Dissertation Writing service seeks to put your mind at rest and help you achieve the gra...


Marking and Proofreading

When it comes to law, every single letter on your paper counts. It is important that perfect language and styles are used to reflect the formality and importance of such legal papers and documents. This is a skill that you will carry forward in your legal careers in the future as well, whe...


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