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    At The Law Jurist, we guarantee that the legal services are provided by qualified professionals, formally trained in the relevant jurisdictions. Four Lawyers have several years of experience in providing legal solutions to clients across the globe.


    Our virtual model ensures that your business gets the due legal advice, excluding the overheads attached. Our consultancy is designed to decrease the client’s costs by providing legal services online. For instance, a company based in Beijing can avail legal services based on New Zealand laws, devoid of having to travel to New Zealand. Our consultancy will save substantial time for your company, which can be invested in other beneficial endeavours.


    We deal with clients from several countries, our lawyers are very adaptable and will be available to meet your schedule, regardless of time-zones. They will also assist you beyond standard business hours to ensure you receive quality legal advice at your required time. We are committed to providing timely and suitable legal solutions.


    Our key advantage is the ability to provide high quality legal services for economical fees. The Law Jurist’s operational model uses cloud-based practice management software to run this fully functioning consultancy. Unlike on-site offices, cloud solutions are also free from the associated maintenance costs. Thus, we save on rent, fax machines, printers and filing spaces, and have lower overhead costs that would cut into your revenues. Our lean operation model allows us to provide you with high quality legal services, at different fee structures.

About Us


Iuris scientia divitiis sit. Legal Knowledge is Wealth.

This is the motto of our company.

The Law Jurist has been founded on the cardinal principle that every business that requires assistance with the laws of another country should be able to avail this assistance. Enabling companies, corporates and law firms to receive this legal knowledge at economical costs, will have a positive impact on the economy and the society. This is why, knowledge of other countries’ laws is wealth – it generates wealth for the businesses and is an asset to the society as well.
How it Works


State Requirements

Let us know your legal requirements through the ‘Contact Us’ page. Provide us with the jurisdiction in which you require advice, the nature of the legal service and all other relevant details.


Assignment of Jurist

We will immediately assign a Jurist qualified in the jurisdiction you require, with the sufficient experience to handle your legal requirement.


Discussion of Legal Issues

The Jurist will contact you to further discuss the legal issues and services, before commencing documentation work.


Completion of Legal Services

The Jurist will then proceed to complete the required legal service, and will provide you with the advice/service you require within the stipulated time frame.


Further Assistance

The Jurist will be available to provide you with any further assistance that you may require on the said legal matters, to ensure that your requirements are fully met.

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