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Marking and Proofreading Service 
It is imperative that impeccable language and styles are used to reflect the formality and importance of legal papers and documents. This is a skill that you will carry forward in your legal careers in the future when you have to complete boxes and sheaths of documents.

In such cases, it is always beneficial to have your paper professionally proofread and marked, so that you know what to expect when you submit your paper and can improve on your paper before submitting.

What is Included? 
Perfectly Proofread 
The Jurist proofreads every single word in your paper. Using the “Track Changes” facility in Microsoft Word Document, the Jurist will correct all grammatical errors such that your paper reads a lot more fluently. 
You can trust our Jurists to correctly and accurately mark your paper such that you know exactly what to expect when you submit your paper. We use the finest of Law Tutors as our Jurists, so we guarantee the accuracy of their marking. 
Qualified Tutors/Experts 
Given that we only use qualified tutors/experts to provide this service, you can expect subject-specific comments on your paper to help you contextualise your paper much better in the respective topic of law. 
Customised Feedback 
Just as lecturers and teachers do, our Jurist will provide you with personalised remarks on your paper. The Jurist will suggest where you can improve, what you can add to the paper to help it scale to the next grade and thereby give you your investment’s worth. 
Marking & Feedback Form
Every single order for the marking and proofreading service will include the Marking & Feedback form. This will contain specific comments from the Jurist, along with containing the mark you will be given for the work in its present state, as opposed to the mark you will get after all the changes are done.