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Skeleton Answer Writing Service 
Sometimes, law students simply need some guidance to get started on their essay/assignment. They are unaware of where to start or which are the general discussion points to include. The Skeleton Writing Service is perfect for these students.

A skeleton answer functions as an educational guide that will include the exact structure (headings/sub-headings) of your work, will include the main points of discussion under each heading/sub-heading, which will be completely referenced so you know where to look for more material to complete the work. This guide will be extremely useful to you in completing the essay or the work in full.
What is Included? 
A Perfect Skeleton Answer 
We will use your order instructions and assign the perfect Jurist for the selected topic. The Jurist will draft an apt answer that meets the grade you ordered, complete with referencing and bibliography. We aim to produce 100% authentic and fresh skeleton answers for each and every customer and therefore have a strict policy against recycling past skeleton answers.
Quality as Promised
We have a dedicated Quality Check team that will vet the skeleton answer once it has been completed by the Jurist. The QC team is kept separate from the team of Jurists completing such orders, ensuring independence in the quality checking process. The product is only delivered to you once the QC is satisfied with its quality. 
Plagiarism Scan Report
In order to prove our claim that the product is indeed authentic, we will include a plagiarism scan report with every product that you order, ensuring that you have complete faith in our services. The plagiarism report will show the originality of the product against the entire web. So you are assured of our claim that we offer completely bespoke services to you! 
Online Law Tutoring
Once our Customer Support team has scheduled you an online class with the Jurist who completed your work, as per your convenience, you will be entitled to one complimentary class per order. This will roughly last an hour in order to ensure that you are able to make the most out of the service by understanding the skeleton answer, how you can complete your own, and where you can get further information/articles on the topic. If you need longer than an hour, do not worry – The Law Jurist will gladly accommodate your needs.