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We have pioneered a ground-breaking model of global legal consultancy, where we have a lawyer from every jurisdiction and a lawyer for every single one of your needs. 
Comprehensive Approach to Legal Services
The USP of The Law Jurist is, the strong network of lawyers from across the world, who can provide you qualified legal advice at very economical rates.

This means that clients, who require legal advice or legal services from a foreign jurisdiction like the EU, can now get this without having to engage an EU law firm directly and pay EU rates of legal fees.

Such a consultancy will be a valuable legal partner to businesses seeking to go international – they will be able to expand their business with legal advice at every step, without losing substantial revenues to legal service providers.

Valuable to Law Firms 
The consultancy is also a very valuable affiliation for law firms that have clients requiring advice on the laws of another country (company formation laws or IP laws, for instance). The law firm can now engage The Law Jurist to fill in this jurisdictional gap and secure certified legal advice when it can consequently provide to its client.

Thus, the law firm will be able to provide a value-added service to its corporate and business clients, without having to partner with international law firms that might charge exorbitant fees to the domestic law firm.